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      I thought his face was so like Jonah preaching at Nineveh in the stained glass window, she said.

      "God speed you!" cried Holgrave, as the galleyman turned away, and grasped his hand: "God speed you! and reward you for this night: and if ever you or yours are in want of a friend, remember Stephen Holgrave." The galleyman hastily pressed the extended hand, and, springing to the gate, was in an instant on his horse, and galloping in the track of his companions, pursued, but in vain, by the arrows of the abbey retainers.

      Charles looked at him with some shadow of the pity he had seen to-day in Norahs eyes.

      "It is strange!" said the monk, "yesterday, the low moaning sound it made, seemed to threaten immediate dissolution; and to-day, its lusty cries seem those of a healthy childit is quiet nowgive me the babe in my arms and let me look at it?"

      "Well," interrupted Calverley, with a contemptuous smile"well, well, Byles, I see you prefer a jail for yourself, and beggary and starvation for your wife and child. Ayeperhaps to ask bread from Stephen Holgrave.""Yes," cried Holgrave, starting up eagerly, "if the court-rolls are burned, who can claim the bondman?"

      It probably means twenty, assented Lord Inverbroom. We should pay, I suppose, four or five per cent. on the loan.


      On and on they went. The Doctor pointed out many places of interest, and told them how the road was built through the wilderness.Spring weather, languid and damp, with mild airs and pale suns, had set in early in March, and now for a fortnight the restlessness and effervescence of the vernal month had been busy in the world. The grass showed through the grayness of its winter foliage the up-thrusting of the fresh green spikes and spears: big gummy buds stood upon the chestnut trees, a sherbet of pink almond flowers clothed the shrubs all along the front gardens of Alfred Road, and daffodils, faithful for once to their Shakespearian calendar, were ready with a day or two more of sun, to take the winds of March with beauty. Birds chirruped in every bush and were busy with straws and twigs; there were tokens everywhere of the great renewal. Then came three days of hot sun and tepid night showers and the sheaths of buds were loosed, and out of the swollen gummy lumps on the trees burst out the weak five-fingered chestnut leaves and the stiff varnished squibs of hawthorn.