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      "That's just because you're a duck-legged snipe," answered Gid wrathfully. "Do you mean to?"

      Then the great problem became one of proper food for the boys. Daily the rations were growing shorter in Chattanooga, and if they had been plentiful they were not suited to the delicate stomachs of those seriously ill. Si was slowly improving, but the Deacon felt that the thing necessary to carry him over the breakers and land him safely on the shores of recovery was nourishing food that he could relish.CHAPTER VII. CORN PONE AND BUTTERMILK

      "As you were," Si commanded, steadying his voice with a great effort. "Every one of you git back as I placed you. Right dress!""You're to keep out of sight as much as you can. Directly you will see me come riding out, follered by a nigger riding another horse. I will go up to the house, jump off, tie my horse, go inside, unt presently come out unt tie a white cloth to73 a post on the porch. That will be a signal to Poke Bolivar, who will be watching from the hill a mile ahead. You will see him come in, get off his horse, unt go into the house.

      "I'm here on business," answered Shorty. "I came up from Headquarters at Jeffersonville. What brung you here?"

      "Well," says I, "it's about ez fur for me forward to him as it is for him back here to me. I don't know as I want to see him at all. If he wants to see me so bad let him cum back here."86




      They went into the house and began cooking their supper together again. Shorty picked up the coffeecan and said:


      "Ye imp o' the divilye unblest scab of an odmahoun. Oi'll brake ivery bone av yer body for goin' around by noights in thim wake-duds, scaring daysint folks out av their siven sinses."